9 Tips on Spotting a Good Quality Equestrian Trophy

Equestrian trophies are often given to winners of equestrian events, like the Kentucky Derby. While almost any trophy can be considered an equestrian trophy, there is a difference between cheap knock-offs and well-crafted ones. In this article, we will discuss 9 tips for spotting a quality equestrian trophy!

How to spot good quality Equestrian Trophies and Awards

There are many ways to judge the quality of a product. Whether you’re buying an equestrian trophy for a horse event like show jumping, dressage, or rodeo. There’s always going to be some room for error since they vary in price and design. However, here’s how to spot good quality equestrian trophies:

Ridges that aren’t too deep and definitely not sharp.

Good equestrian awards will have ridges that are more of a texture than anything else. A good example is something like metal; it’s got some grooves, but they aren’t so deep as to be sharp. If the trophy has edges that you would cut yourself on if you touched them with your bare skin, then it’s not one of the good trophies out there for your horse event.

The paint isn’t dripping.

A sign of poor quality is if the paint on your equestrian award is already starting to run down the side or look smudged in any other way. Beware of anything that looks like this because you don’t want it to start looking worse after you’ve received the award.

The lettering isn’t warped.

If there’s a logo or monogram on your equestrian plaque, account that the letters are straight and evenly spaced from each other. It should not be lopsided in any way; this is another sign of bad quality trophy.

The color of the trophy looks balanced.

High-quality equestrian awards have even and balanced coloring. Some parts should not look more faded or brighter than other areas. If they do, you should avoid buying this one because it may start looking worse after a few days in direct sunlight.

The equestrian trophy feels hardy.

When shopping for trophies, You should always get the opportunity to hold them in your hands before buying them. If you can’t, that’s a bad sign; they should be heavy and durable enough not to break shortly after receiving. Chances are good that these are quality trophies.

The size is just right.

If your trophy happens to be large, then it’s the perfect candidate for quality. This isn’t always true; however, if you’re looking at a small one that looks like it could barely fit on top of someone’s head, chances are good that this is not an award worth owning.

The number of items included.

Some equestrian trophies include as few as one or two things, whereas others have a lot more. Search for something with at least three pieces. If you can find an award with a wide selection of different components, then it’s probably the best choice out there. Look also for services that include free engraving. (Pro-tip, look for trophies that have exclusive offers to also save money.)

Equestrian awards should be heavy.

The weight of the trophy or award is a good indicator of its quality. A good quality trophy will be heavier than a trophy at a low price. If it’s light, then it’s probably not high quality. Good equestrian awards will be sturdy and heavy-duty enough to last a long time.

There’s a “Made in” stamp on the back.

Another way to judge your trophy or medals is by looking for a “Made in” stamp on the back. This indicates that the product is authentic and made with high-quality materials. This is a great way to tell if the trophy you’re looking at is the real deal.

Good quality equestrian trophies are easy to spot, as long as you know what to look for. If you follow these simple tips, then it’s likely that your next purchase will be a good one!